About us



Gus Chrysson is a second-year seminarian of the Diocese of Costa Rica, and a church musician. In his musical capacities, he leads the VTS Schola Cantorum and is on the music staff of St. Paul’s Church in Alexandria. A North Carolina native with strong connections to his Greek and Costa Rican roots, Gus is particularly interested in political reconciliation and in fostering theological reflection across religious barriers. Most recently, Gus was appointed as a musical ambassador for the Episcopal Diocese of Cuba, where he led a group of American singers this past November.





Maurice Dyer is a middler at Virginia Theological Seminary and postulant from the diocese of el Camino real, located in the central coast of California. His areas of focus are conflict, healing and reconciliation, personal and communal identity, Muslim Christian dialogue, and the Anglican Communion.





Jonathan Pucik is a postulant from the Diocese of Arkansas. An avid runner, occasional cyclist, and frequent IPA-consumer, his greatest challenge continues to be choosing the correct setting on which to wash his laundry. With a background in mental health and port chaplaincy, Jonathan is passionate about cultivating a robust theology of reconciliation to encourage healthy practice among faith communities.






Mary Margaret Winn is a first-year seminarian from the Diocese of West Tennessee and former youth minister.  She is passionate about empowering fellow lay ministers in congregations and engaging in political reconciliation through a Christian dialogue and framework. When she has a chance to unwind, Mary Margaret loves watching Jeopardy! and the Memphis Grizzlies.  Grit ‘n’ Grind.